In Madison AL (256) 837-8226

We are pleased to bring our family owned restaurant to Madison AL with locations in Scottsboro AL, Hampton Cove AL,  and Cullman AL. Madison is a excellent community for BV.

Glen Garcia owner of BV Scottsboro and Juan Carlos owner of BV Cullman partnered together to open BV Madison. The quality of food, drinks, and our décor.

Entering BV Madison will be an experience in its on. The feel of Mexico enriches the atmosphere. Giving it a modern day look and keeping the old Mexican feel. 

We treat all our customers like family the minute they enter through our doors.  BV’s  friendly staff  will make sure that you are comfortable and your meal is excellent.

Join us for a memorable dining experience!

Phone Number:(256) 837-8226

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We have a large selection of the tastiest Mexican dishes around. From our cheese quesadilla to our steamed lamb, every bite is sure to please.

Whether you are just wanting some of our delicious white cheese dip and tortilla chips or you're in the mood for some authentic Mexican recipes, our Dinner Menu has it all.

With our fully stocked bar of the finest beers, wines, and alcoholic beverages we are sure to have excatly what you are looking for. So bottoms up!